Child Care Programs And Learning: What Is Your Child Doing All Day?

Child care programs provide much more than just someone to watch your tot while you're away. They also offer young children the chance to learn, grow and develop in many areas. This includes helping children to build math, reading and writing skills. Even though the "three Rs" are what many adults think of when they hear the word "school," these certainly aren't the only areas that early childhood programs help kids with.

What else is your child learning during her day at child care? Take a look at some of the other (non-math and non-literacy) content areas that the daycare curriculum may cover.

Science in Preschool

Whether your child is 2, 4 or 14, they're learning about the world around them. Even though a toddler's or preschooler's science curriculum doesn't look anything like what a high school student's would, your young child is still learning the basics when it comes to biology, chemistry, physics, and the earth sciences.

What does science look like in the child care classroom? It's an exploratory experience that fives the child the chance to experiment. This might mean that your child is getting hands-on and inspecting plants with a magnifying glass, making predictions about what will happen when water is put into the freezer, or testing which sinks faster, a rubber ball, or a penny.

Social Studies

From the community helpers that make your neighborhood run to cultures from a far-off place, social studies content is a major part of the early childhood classroom. This type of content varies, but includes everything from people and places around the globe to what types of jobs people have.

Instead of listening to lectures, your child can learn about social studies content through playful activities such as dress-up, acting, art, or music.

The Arts

Dance, drama, music, and the visual arts all fall under the "arts" umbrella. During the daycare day, your child is experiencing the arts through interactive, hands-on activities. These include moving to music, making their own music by beating a drum or playing a child-sized instrument, engaging in pretend play, and making their own art.

Through arts-based activities your child is learning how to express themselves, building motor (both fine and gross) skills, getting creative, and problem-solving.

Your child is learning every day. Child care programs offered at facilities like Purple Jay Nurseries help the littlest learners to build new skills and gain new knowledge in an array of areas. Along with the traditional "reading and writing" types of content, your child is also getting the chance to experience science, social studies, and the arts.